About Us

The National Diversity Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair is a national outreach, networking and empowerment event designed specifically for DIVERSE aspiring lawyers from across the country.   Through keynote and special guest speeches presented by prominent lawyers and thought leaders, and dynamic panel discussions and workshops led by seasoned professionals, this event connects students with critical law school admissions, preparation and career success information that they otherwise might not receive from websites and other forms of media.

Also, it goes further than most pre-law events, by directly addressing the very real and difficult issues and concerns and added challenges facing diverse law school aspirants, law students and lawyers.

Through the Law School and Diversity Resources Fair, The National Diversity Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair brings together and connects these diverse aspiring law students with invaluable resources.  Participants have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with representatives from a variety of law schools interested in recruiting them, but also organizations that have pre-law programs and initiatives, and prospective employers that are all in support of the common goal of bringing about more meaningful diversity and inclusion in American law schools and in the legal profession.

The National Diversity Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair stands apart by offering attendees seminars in diversity leadership, coalition building and collaboration, and cultural competency so they can have the necessary guidance, tools and strategies to take on leadership roles in the area of diversity and inclusion once they become law students – at their respective law schools – and then once they become members of their states’ lawyer organizations.  Further, it encourages attendees to utilize their law degrees in furtherance of service, advocacy and social justice.

The National Diversity Pre-Law Conference & Law Fair aims to provide aspiring diverse lawyers with access to GAME-CHANGING information, connections and resources – all in one place at one time!

We are an event designed for those who want to be lawyers who can compete AND make a difference.  We are the pre-law conference with a conscience!  Join our movement!


As stated in the American Bar Association’s Presidential Diversity Initiatives publication Diversity in the Legal Profession: The Next Steps – Report and Recommendations, we sincerely believe that a diverse legal profession is “more just, productive and intelligent because diversity, both cognitive and cultural, often leads to better questions, analyses, solutions, and processes.”

The Report set forth four rationales for creating greater diversity in the legal profession:

The Democracy Rationale: Lawyers and judges have unique responsibility for sustaining a political system with broad participation from all its citizens.  A diverse bar and bench create greater trust in the mechanisms of government and the rule of law.

The Business Rationale: Business entities are rapidly responding to the needs of global customers, suppliers and competitors by creating workforces from many different backgrounds, perspectives, skill sets, and tastes.  Ever more frequently, clients expect and sometimes demand lawyers who are culturally and linguistically proficient.

The Leadership Rationale: Individuals with law degrees often possess the communication and interpersonal skills and the social networks to rise into civic leadership positions, both in and out of politics.  Justice Sandra Day O’Connor recognized this when she noted in Grutter v. Bollinger that law schools serve as the training ground for such leadership and therefore access to the profession must be broadly inclusive.

The Demographic Rationale: Our country is becoming diverse among many dimensions and we expect that the profile of LGBT lawyers and lawyers with disabilities will increase more rapidly.  With respect to the nation’s racial/ethnic populations, the Census Bureau projects that by 2042 the United States will be a majority minority country.

We believe these are all valid reasons.  More than that, we simply believe that truly educated people must be courageous and willing to walk outside of their own comfort zones.  They must have a desire and willingness to learn about others’ histories, circumstances and experiences within and outside of groups they are members of.  We believe that we must not only learn about, but be willing to try to understand and work across differences to achieve common ground in order to be effective world citizens, community leaders, business leaders and role models in a diverse, global society.  Furthermore, we believe that we all have a responsibility to take the initiative to help make diversity truly work.

This is one effort to help positively promote and advance diversity in American legal education and in the legal profession.

ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IS WELCOME – diverse aspiring lawyers, allies, pre-law advisors, multicultural and diversity advisors, lawyers, law school administrators, law professors, judges, family and friends!  We are all coming together to learn and fellowship!

We welcome the participation of and collaboration with organizations that offer programs and services directed to diverse prospective law students.

Space is limited and available on a first-come, first served basis!  Registration is completely free of charge to all!